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Z Beans Coffee

Smiling male barista passing a Z Beans Coffee iced latte to an unseen customer.

create an experience.


One of the three pillars of Z Beans Coffee is Community. Through our sustainability and supply chain transparency efforts, we have built a community of not just coffee lovers, but like-minded individuals dedicated to building a better tomorrow.

We see coffee as the bond that brings us all together. From farmers to teammates to customers, we recognize that coffee is more than a great tasting energy boost to start the day. It is the effort of hard working farmers in Ecuador, the 4-in-the-morning alarms to open a shop, the sound of a roaster running, and the enjoyment of business partners and customers.

It is the connection between individuals that extends across borders, within communities, and into homes.


enjoy the taste.

From the illustrious mountains of Ibarra to the tropics of Loja and coastal winds of San Lorenzo, we offer a wide variety of Ecuadorian coffees grown by farmers with years of experience and unmatched dedication. With multiple processes, roast profiles, and flavors, we have something for everyone—making your custom blend unique to your business!

All of our coffee is freshly roasted to order in downtown Macon, Georgia, handled by a team of highly committed individuals, enabling not just quality of taste, but quality of service.

Dark roasted coffee beans cooling in the cooling tray as steam rises.
Arturo Peñaretta, an Ecuadorian man pointing forward. Arturo assists with finding coffee farmers and importing.

be a part.

Our mission at Z Beans Coffee is to create sustainable communities through Transparent Trade. But what does that mean? To answer this question, we break it down into three pillars: Community, Transparency, and Sustainability.

Community recognizes our team in the States and abroad, our farmer partners, our customers, our business partners, and our impact on the cities and towns we have the fortunate opportunity to be a part of both domestically and internationally. Transparency represents honesty in communication to our teammates, farmers, and customers. Z Beans is built on hard work and trust. There are no secrets in our supply chain. Sustainability embodies our goal to create solutions not just for environmental purposes but for economic and operational sustainability as well—the assurance that our world, our team, and our partners are all able to push forward.

Leigh Sloan

Mercer University Police  •  Georgia

"Your delivery staff are wonderful. They are always pleasant and immediately put our order away for us. I wish all delivery staff were as excellent as yours."

Erica Rifkin

Out of the Way Café  •  Texas

"I did these online orders alone for two years, so to have a team handling it now is still kind of mind blowing. I'm just grateful, so thank you!"

Cliff Charnes

Local Yolkal  •  Georgia

"We love our partnership with Z Beans. Check-ins help me out a lot. I own several businesses and can easily lose track of a coffee order."

Taya Hauser

Bantam & Biddy  •  Florida

"We love Z Beans Coffee! They are easy to work with and have a friendly staff that go above and beyond for all our coffee needs."
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